Quote David Alaba

"The Eat the Ball® team has managed to make bread really cool again. I'm impressed by the fresh brand image and the friendly relationships between the people here – they're always in a great mood but professional at the same time. Investing in Eat the Ball® is fun!"

David Alaba
FC Bayern Munich

Quote Russell Wilson

"I'm supporting the work of Eat the Ball®, which with its long-lasting all natural bread is making an important contribution to minimizing bread waste and to develop sustainable food technologies."

Russell Wilson
Quarterback of Seattle Seahawks (NFL)

Quote Michael Grabner

"The Eat the Ball® team has managed to make bread really cool again. I'm impressed by the fresh brand image and the friendly relationships between the people here. It's pretty cool to be part of this team!"

Michael Grabner
New York Rangers (NHL)

One ball is more important than the ball I'm playing with, it's the one I'm living on! Eat the Ball Earthball original
natural ingredients
Eat the Ball Earthball original

Original Line

The original recipe with only eight ingredients, gently produced and easily digestible. For the nutrition-conscious consumer. A high quality alternative to regular white bread.


Wheat (wheat flour, malted wheat flour), water, butter, yeast, sugar, salt, barley malt.

Eat the Ball Earthball multi

Multi Line

The unique bread for everyone especially conscious about healthy nutrition who values dark multi-grain bread high in vitamins and mineral nutrients - enabled by the gentle production process pro.ferment.iced®.


Wheat flour 48%, water, butter, sprout mix (spelt 2%, corn 2%, wheat, millet, red clover, alfalfa, flax, lentil, pea), corn flour, rye flour 2%, spelt flour, rye malt toasted, yeast, salt, sugar, amaranth flour, wheat germ, psyllium peel, potato flakes and malted wheat flour.

gently made

The Innovative Technology

pro.ferment.iced® - Fermentation instead of baking!

Eat the Ball® is fermented, not baked in a completely new production process in its whole shape. That means not only unique creative possibilities for bread but also extraordinary long freshness, naturalness and uncomplicated handling through easy defrosting and refreezing.

This new technology gives bread everything it was missing due to varying competence, grain quality and price pressure:

Guaranteed to quality world-wide, naturalness, best taste, moisture, longevity, and interesting shapes that offer marketing qualities next to positive product features.

Flash frozen after production, the product keeps its quality up to one and a half years and can even be refrozen after defrosting. Thus the bread becomes a high quality convenience product for the consumer.

lasting freshness
24+ Hours

Eat the Ball® retains its flavor and stays fresh after defrosting.

3 Days

Eat the Ball® stays top fit in the bag for up to three days.

3+ Days

Cut Eat the Ball®into slices and pop them into the toaster. Crunchy Eat the Ball®is a delicious treat.

1.5 Years

Store Eat the Ball®in the freezer. It will retain its natural, premium quality.

Simply Thaw
Thaw at Room Temperature

approx. 110 minutes.
Stays fresh for 24 hours

Oven Quick Snack

approx. 15 minutes in a conventional oven only at 185 °F.

Microwave Quick Snack

Original: approx. 3 minutes only at 180 W
Multi: approx. 4 minutes only at 180 W

One Ball
One Game

Eat the Ball® is the shell of a new technology. The innovative production process pro.ferment.iced® is an example for food technology that makes sense and that has one goal above all: to wisely nourish our future generations!

Just as we are young, exciting and noticeable through our sports balls, we underline the seriousness of the product with our Earthball®.

Eat the Ball® has founded the ONE BALL FOUNDATION e.V. to provide funding for selected food technology projects. This is our contribution to promoting world nutrition that is natural and makes sense. The funds will be allocated to innovative research projects worldwide.

graphic about food loss and waste
Source: World Resources Institute,
Washington, DC, 2014