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  • Gently made
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fresh tasting for 24+ hours
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Bread Fresh Frozen

Eat the Ball is bread fresh frozen,
shaped like a ball. Made with
100% natural ingredients and fresh
tasting for 24+ hours. Simply thaw!


Unique shape

The bread of a new generation

Thanks to its unique shape, unsurpassed flavor, its all-natural ingredients and extraordinary shelf life, Eat the Ball is making the concept of bread more exciting and interesting than ever.

100% natural ingredients

Wheat flour, water, butter,
yeast, sugar, salt, barley malt
flour and wheat malt flour
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Fresh tasting for 24+ hours

24+ hours

Eat the Ball retains its flavor and stays fresh after defrosting.

3 days

Leave Eat the Ball lying on the
kitchen counter in its bag over the weekend. Eat the Ball is still perfectly edible on Monday.

3+ days

Cut Eat the Ball into slices and pop in the toaster. Crunchy Eat the Ball is a delicious treat.

1 year

Store Eat the Ball in the freezer.
It will retain its 100% natural,
premium quality.

Simply THAW.
Easily refrozen.

Allow Eat the Ball to thaw for up to
110 minutes at room temperature.
Eat the Ball turns into a fluffy snack.

Heat oven to 195 °F and place Eat the Ball
in its bag inside. Eat the Ball is ready to
serve in 20 minutes.

Heat Eat the Ball in its bag in the microwave
for 2½ minutes at 180 watts. Your culinary
quick snack is ready to eat.

pro.ferment.iced – the innovative production process for Eat the Ball!
Natural fermentation guarantees the highest quality and the best possible taste.
Eat the Ball is bread fresh frozen.

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